CLASS schedule

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All Levels Muay Thai – Each session will roughly have a 15 minute warm-up, a 30 technique based work-out, and a 15 minute cool-down. This is training sessions incorporates different techniques and combinations for a dynamic work out.

Youth Muay Thai – For ages 6 years and up, this training session includes 10 minute warm up (stretching, jump rope or light jog), 20 minutes of technique training (how to punch, kick, footwork, defense), 20 minutes of high intensity combinations, and 20 minute cool down. 

Strength & Fitness – This program is meant to work on mobility, agility, strength, and conditioning. It is great for students looking to gain more flexibility, get in shape, and is required for fighters aiming for competition.

Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals – This training session provides members with the basics of offensive and defensive techniques of submission fighting. Intermediate and advanced techniques will be taught by the discretion of the instructor.

Boxing Fitness- This class is designed to help members work on punching combinations, hand speed, and improve their overall stamina. 

Technical Sparring- This class is only for members that are paying month to month memberships. People who are on the 5 day consecutive trial and day passes members which also includes the 5 classes only cannot attend this class. It is designed to work on live situations whether its for competition  or strictly for self-defense in a safe environment at low rate impact. The head coach Chris will determine if you can do the technical sparring or not depending on experience.